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As a community builder,

I collaborate with people and organizations to discover their possibilities and develop power. Seeing people that I’ve worked with grow and succeed gives me immense pride and joy.

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of building trust in my voice and gaining valuable experience in diverse settings. I offer the ability to help others to clarify and develop their own voices so that they can take action to increase their power while not making the same mistakes that I did along the way.

I invite you to contact me about working together.

My Philanthropy Vision

A great lack of clarity exists in nonprofits and philanthropy. This is an opportunity to contribute my skills and experience to work with nonprofit leaders, boards, staff, and funders. Philanthropy and nonprofits need good people. There is a dearth of supportive resources – people with the experience, knowledge, and proficiency to provide safe spaces for professional development while addressing the need for organizational capacity.

I see many things that need fixing in our world and focus on doing my part to provide possibilities, bring out the best in people, and change the world to be a little less dark, more filled with light, hope, and trust, especially for leaders of color and those aspiring to be leaders.

Safety matters

As a powerful tool, developing and creating safe spaces in the workplace takes as much work as honing the skills for strategic planning, effective implementation, and ambitious goal setting. There is no one template that can be used in all settings to create a feeling of safety.

The absence of safety can result in hidden barriers to people bringing their best selves to work. Nothing destroys goodwill, trust, and confidence like a shortage of safety within a team or in the workplace.

Coaching & Consulting

My approach to working with you involves creating and maintaining safe spaces, whether in a 1:1 coaching session, facilitating team meetings or designing all-staff experiences. This requires thoughtfulness, attention, flexibility, developing trust, goodwill, vulnerability, grace, and practice.

Together, we can transform stressful workplaces by creating safe spaces where people can bring their best selves to create rewarding and inspirational change.

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Blue Star Quilt Consulting

Career and Job Search Coaching for Nonprofit Professionals and More